Powder coating operation provides economic solutions and high performance for manufacturing sector with rising technology. The material is protected from chemical action, damp, corrosion, physical damage thanks to powder coating.
There are two types of powder coats, thermoplastic and thermoset. Typically, manufacturers examine overall costs and potential coating complexity when deciding which type is most appropriate for their application. In each of the two types, there are a variety of sub-groups. Each individual powder is engineered for specific finish qualities.

Types of Thermoset Powders

  • Polyester: It is a type of powder coating including polyester resin. Especially designed for use outdoor furniture. Durability of sunlight and other climate conditions is highest level. It is mainly used in aluminum profile industry, agricultural machinery, lighting fixtures, bicycle and wheel industry for painting materials to be left in outdoor environment.
  • Epoxy: This powder coating has inherent toughness, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, adhesion and abrasion resistance. It is especially used to resistance against chemical material. For example; gas tank. This type’s toughness against of light is low.
  • Acrylic: Unlike epoxy-based resins, acrylics do well in sunlight and blend over a surface, leaving a high gloss, wet-looking finish that is either clear or pigmented. Acrylic resins are often used for when sun resistant and decorative coatings are required. Typical application of acrylic powder coat; plumbing fixture, automotive wheels and vending machines.
  • Polyurethane: They are thermoset powder paints produced from hydroxyl-polyester resins combined with aromatic and aliphatic polyisocyanate. Polyurethane powder coat has excellent resistance against sunlight. Polyurethane powder coat is used to outdoor furniture because they do not wear off under the influence of sunlight.

Types of Thermoplastic Powders

  • Vinyl: It is a plastic based material produced from petro chemicals. It seems like wood or ceramic. It is used to home decoration. It is preferred because it is easily cleaned. Also vinyl coat has many color and form options. Vinyl is waterproof and durable against chemical or wear.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene is an inert compound that has difficulty sticking to metal surfaces. As a surface coating, it can offer protective properties similar to those of other thermoplastic materials, but must be chemically altered to make it more adhesive.
  • Polyamide: This type of powder coat is hardness and toughness. Coupled with its lubricity, this makes it well-suited for products that have sliding or rotating parts, such as automobile spine shafts.

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