Electrostatic powder coating is a surface coating method without solvent. Coating materials’ form is powder. In this process, material to be coated with paint must be earthed and powder paint must be electrically charged, ultimately resulting in an electrostatic attraction between the powder and the surface.

Powder coating process
can be manual or automatic.

In the both systems are user friendly and
ergonomic thanks to sensibility of paint blaster.

In the tribo coating system the paint passes through the special way in the pistol and electrostatically charged by the influence of the friction. In the corona system, the cascade located inside the gun body is loaded with electricity from the pistol with the high voltage it sends to the needle at the tip of the gun. The difference between in two system, tribo system works with influence of the friction, corona system works with high voltage cascade.
Reciprocators provide quality improvement and standardization. Ejection wideness, quantity of painting, pressure etc. can be controlled by painting robots. Controllable parameters help to save of material.
Powder sieves are used to reuse of used paint.

Powder Coating and Painting Ovens

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