Conveyor systems are automation systems that transfer a material from one point to another. Conveyor systems are used in paint lines frequently.

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Conveyors are a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another.


Conveyors are specially chosen for each painting plant according to the determined speed and waiting periods in order to increase the painting efficiency.


Thanks to the conveyor systems, the transfer of the material is done quickly.


  • Axial conveyors are designed to maximize production capacity, and easy to move heavy material. Materials are transported into the oven with conveyor as automatic. Daily production capacity increases with conveyors because conveyors provide easy operation and fast transport.
  • Cardanic type conveyors have hooke’s joint. Cardanic chain moves between x, y and z axes in cardanic type conveyors. Cardanic drive units are built as top-driven caterpillar unites or horizontal bearing torque safety. Torque limiters are used in order to protect the system in cases of jamming and excessive forces. Roller bearings mounted on the chain are capable of resisting 250 centigrade.
  • Power and free conveyors provide some features that standard conveyors do not. For example stop and actuate the system with the support of switch and sensor, transfer the carried material to different directions through the switches on the rails, moving at different speeds in different parts of the conveyor. Power and free conveyors provide the highest level of flexibility.
  • Webb type conveyors used frequently in various heavy-duty industries not requiring precision transport, have an important place in contemporary technology. They are preferred because of their durability, and simple structure and also because of their low maintenance requirement. Operating principle of this type of conveyors is based on transferring suspended materials by chains and trolleys moving on a NPI profile by the help of a drive unit. Conveyor speed can be easily adjusted by use of a frequency controller. Rollers and support wheels are used for band turns. There are different Webb type conveyor systems in our production program. Conveyor type to be used is determined according to the minimum weight of the load and locate.
  • Fivet type conveyors are based on the movement of the fivet chain in three axes on the universal joint rail. Fivet type drive units are built as top-driven caterpillar unites with torque safety. Roller bearings of the chain are automatically lubricated in desired periods with central lubricating unit included on the system.
  • The capacity of conveyors can be changed according to client’s desire, production capacity and size of the production area. Please contact for more information.
Conveyor Systems

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