Enameling is used to coating of metal materials. Execution areas of enamel are sheet and some products made from cast iron. It can be made to adornment with silver, platinum and golden.

Material to be enameling;

  • The material’s percentage of carbon must be low.
  • The material doesn’t contain alumina.
  • There must not be clinker, foreign body residue, trail and surface defect in the material.
  • The material must be suitable for press and weld.

Powder enameling booths are designed as automatic and manual. The booths provide saving because the booths can gather powder and gathered powder can be reused. Powder scatting is prevented with booths and quality of coating improves.

  • Some application areas;
  • House furniture made of steel
  • Plumbing made of steel
  • Manufacturing and building sector
Powder Enamel Systems

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