Wet paint booths provide clean painting, dust-free and conditioned air environment. Atmospheric paint wastes, solvents and other wastes are kept in the cabin. Therefore wastes are not damaged to atmosphere.

Production capacity and painting speed increase with paint booth. The booths work productive and economic.

  • Some application areas;
  • Aviation Sector: Airplane maintenance and repair.
  • Construction: Painting of steel construction works.
  • Machine manufacturing: Painting of machine body and equipment.
  • White Appliances: Washing machine, refrigerator, painting of plastic parts on air conditioner.
  • Electronics: Television, DVD, computer, remote control, small household appliances, etc.
  • Automotive Sector: Painting of vehicle body, interior and exterior.
  • Decorative Glass Painting: Glass, vase, plate, mirror and flat glass painting.
  • Painting of Furniture and Wooden Parts: Door, window, TV stand, etc.
Wet Paint Booth

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