Ovens used for drying, curing or baking. These ovens located in the painting line. There are different types of ovens. They referred by different names and there are different usage areas.

The key feature, which distinguishes the ovens between each other, is the temperature difference. There are two types of ovens: a drying oven and curing oven.


The wetted material from the preparation unit must be dried before being coated with powder paint.


The material coated with electrostatic powder coating should be fired under a temperature and a period in conformity with the curing properties of the powder paint.


  • Tunnel type oven is shaped like a tunnel. Tunnel ovens are used for lines in which the products are conveyed continuously or stop-go forward by the conveyor. This type of oven is preferred where production volume is fairly large and continuous. In these machines used in conveyorized automatic powder coating plants, the painted product is processed at the desired temperature and time without stopping.
  • Entrance and exit doors of oven remain open because the material set into the oven is processed without stopping. Air curtains placed at doors reduce the heat loss the least. Horizontally working conveyor transports product in the oven. This type of oven does not suffer from retouching and similar problems because the product does not experience jolts or incidents until the conveyor comes out of the furnace and then cools down. This type of oven suitable for mass production.
  • U-turn type ovens are side by side, due to this reason u-turn type ovens consume less energy. Air curtains conserve the heat inside.
  • Box type ovens can dry and bake. A workpiece is moved to oven with a hanger or a transporting car. Box type oven is preferred by small sized enterprises because of cheapness.
  • Enamel furnaces are used to production of kitchen appliances (stewpan, oven etc.), stove, boiler, thermosiphon etc. Enamel implementation has two varieties, wet enamel and dry enamel. Thickness of the layer and balanced operation is important for quality.
  • Textile drying machines are used for drying knit, woven fabrics and dyed yarn. Drying is applied after dewatering fabric.
  • Wood effect machines are used to obtain a wooden image on aluminum. The main procedure is cutting film in required size which is suitable for aluminum profile, then make the film like a bag cover the aluminum profile, at last transfer the bagged aluminum profile to the transfer oven for vacuum and heat transfer. The transfer oven can be operated with diesel, natural gas or LPG burner.
  • Thermic ovens are used to final hardening of finished products. The oven temperature can be kept equal because of air circulation. Inner wall is covered with insulating material for heat protection. The ovens provide energy saving.
Powder Coating and Painting Ovens

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